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We are dedicated to building, racing, maintaining, upgrading, repairing and modifying nitro methane (glow-fuel powered) radio control cars, trucks and buggies.  

If you are new to or are interested in getting into this hobby, start out in here where we hope to be able to answer all your questions and concerns about nitro r/c cars. 

We would first suggest, before going any further, that you bookmark this site.  Click here to make NitroRC.com your home page.

If you like what you see and want to know how you can help NitroRC.com, click here.

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Shock Spring Charts
Ever need to know which shock spring color to go to next?  This handy reference is for you!

Nitro Dan's Giveaway Contests!
Maybe you'll be the next winner in Nitro Dan's Giveaway Contests!

Carburetors 101
How they work and how you can get more performance out of your 2-stroker!

Foam Tires
Choosing the right foam tires for your nitro touring sedan (Part 2) 

Sedan Tires
Choosing the right tires for your 4WD nitro touring sedan (Part 1)

OFNA Force 12 Engine Mods!
Breathe new life into your classic Ofna .12

R/C Nitro Engine 101
Everything you ever wanted to know
about 2-stroke engines!

Custom Fuel Blending Workshop
Blend Your Own Secret Potion!

Clutch Tuning
Unleash your engine's power!

TRX-15 Pro Mods!
Turn your TRX-15 Pro into a turbo 

Slide Carb Installation
Install a slide carb in your barrel-carb ready touring sedan!

Consumer Reviews
Make your opinions count!

Engine Tuning Basics
Get the Most From Your Nitro Powerplant!

OS .12CV Engine


 Tyres 24/7 at: buycarPARTS.CO.UK



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