Promotional Graphics Testing Grounds

WARNING:  All of the following graphics are trademarks of and may not be used without express permission from the author in any form unless otherwise noted.  


Graphic # NRC032A Logo on plain mirror
Original Available on CD

Graphic # NRC032B Logo on "base wake" waterline
Original Available on CD

Graphic # NRC041A
Team Logo - Standard
Original Quality

Graphic # NRC041B
Team Logo - "Official Member"
Original Quality

Graphic # NRC061 logo with "Tearing up a track near you" slogan
Original available here

Graphic # NRC062 logo on spinning wheel, burning flame
Original available on CD

Graphic # NRC067
"NitroRC" Oregon State personalized plate
Original Quality

Graphic # NRC068
"Tearing up a Track Near You" trademark on nitro sedan
Original Quality

Graphic # NRC073
Official spinning wheel "bullet".
Original Available on CD.

Graphic # NRC082
Original authoring badge
Status: Obsolete
Original Available on CD.

Graphic # NRC087
Original logo on black
Original Quality, 1998, 2011
All Rights Reserved
Duplication Prohibited Without Specific Written Permission
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