How You Can Help

So, you think is a pretty cool site and you want to help out to make sure that things stay that way?  Well, here's our deal:  

Ed and I basically do this whole thing as a labor of love.  You might notice we don't have anything to sell, don't have any advertising banners and we don't ask for money (not that we would complain if someone wanted to give us a whole bunch).  We're not here to make a fast buck.. we're here to help everyone out.. from the hardcore racing experts to the little kid just starting out.

What we do want is participation. is built on the fundamental principal of strength through community effort.  With your participation you can help to mold to become, not just the biggest, but the best, most truly helpful and informative website of it's kind, anywhere in the world.  By simply taking an active roll in helping others on this site, you can really make a difference.  If you are experienced in the world of r/c, then we welcome you to share in that knowledge and put it to the best use possible.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Visit the Discussion Forum regularly.  Look for articles that pique your interest.  Maybe someone is asking about a car that you happen to have.  If you know the answer, go ahead and make someone's day and answer it for them.  We try very hard to get to as many articles as we can, but it's not always possible to get to each one on a timely matter.  As much as Ed and I know, the sum of human knowledge in the r/c industry will always, of course, surpass that.

  2. Send us links to other quality sites.  This one is important.  New R/C sites are popping up on a daily basis and many of them have a lot of useful information.  If your favorite site isn't on our links forum, then go ahead and add it!  We're not here to try to horde anyone's time.  There are many useful sites that deserve your attention, so let others know about it.

  3. Tell others about us.  This one is important.  If people don't know about us, then we can't help them.  I get email from people all the time that say they found us by word of mouth and boy, they were sure glad they did!  We're not here to win any hits contests, but we do realize that the best way to help the most people is to spread the word.  Be creative in letting others know about us.  Send other sites a link to us, print out our logo and plaster it on your R/C tool box, send your buddy our newest logo'd wallpaper, etc.

  4. Be critical.  Now, we're not saying to be cruel and shoot us down because you don't like some graphic that I slaved over for hours on end.  :)   What we mean is to be constructively critical. If you find errors, typos... anything that you think is wrong, let us know about it!  You can simply send email to to let us know about it.  We really do want to know if we've made a mistake.  We maybe human, but we don't want the word to get around about that.  :)

  5. Refer racetracks and clubs to us.  We don't make any money on these, but we feel that they help the informative factor of nonetheless.  If your club or local racetrack isn't on the web, let them know about... we may be able to help them... and at a very good price (free).

  6. Forgive.  This is the final thing you can do.  We make mistakes... on occasion one of our servers might explode, we might not get back to an email right away, we might print a blatant error or a glaring omission or even publish an ugly graphic!  Above all, we value our visitors.. they are like family to us and your devotion is absolutely priceless to us.  

Above all, be mindful of others that visit this site who are in need of help, those who are blissfully ignorant and most of all, realize that there are almost always three right answers to every question.



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