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Mail Us Your Photo

If you haven't had the opportunity to scan your favorite nitro car, truck or buggy photo, mail it to us and we'll scan it for you, for free!  If you want, we'll even send it back to you after we're done (you provide the return envelope and stamp).

Just send your pictures to:

c/o Matthew Parrish
8246 N. Foss Avenue
Portland  OR  97203

Please make sure to send us a note with the following info:

  • Your Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Your Full Home Address (if you want the pictures returned to you)
  • Make/model of your truck, buggy or car
  • Make/model of body that is shown in photo
  • Modifications you have made to the vehicle
  • Any comments you want to share with website visitors
  • Any comments you wish to privately share with us (such as instructions not to include your email address in the publication, etc.)

If you would like your photo returned to you, you must include a return envelope with your return address and a stamp!  We simply can't afford the postage and mailing materials to send photos back to all the people that send us pictures, so it's up to you to make sure this is done.  We cannot make any guarantees that your photo will be published, however, this would be a rare exception (such as with pictures that are too blurry or dark).  We assume no responsibility for any material sent to us and cannot guarantee that you will receive the photo in the same condition as when you sent it.  This depends on how the postal service handles the material and how well you pack them.  For more information about our disclaimers, click here.



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This page last modified: 07/26/11