Traction Issues



Somethings in life transcend scale.   Dealing with traction (or as most people refer to it, hookup) in racing is one of them.  The same problems (well, most at least) seem to apply to scale r/c cars just as with their grown-up counterparts.

Anyone who has ever raced a serious r/c car knows that traction is one of the largest obstacles to overcome.  Choosing the right equipment for any particular track and environmental conditions is not as easy as it may seem at first.  Any of the following can effect traction performance.

Track Conditions
racing surface type (from pavement and concrete to gravel and mud)
operating temperature
other environmental conditions (including rain, oil, dirt, etc)

makeup of tire's compound
traction pattern and width of tire surface
pre-heating tires

4WD vs. rear wheel drive
side-effects of slipper spur gears
differential types (one way, ball, bevel gear, etc.)

shocks (including spring and oil viscosity weights)
camber and toe adjustments (both rear and forward)
chassis rigidity
center of gravity
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