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First of all, one of the most important things is to start out with the model of RC10GT that you want.  If that means waiting a little longer so you can get one with the better options, then it will save you in the long run.   If you ever plan on upgrading to the ball-bearing or CVD's then get the Team version with these upgrades already included as it will actually save money in the long run.  From that point on take your truck out and drive it to get used to how the machine runs and operates, allowing yourself to get comfortable with driving your truck.  

After you have gotten a good understanding of how to tune the engine, setting up the suspension, and driving the truck, you will be ready to start with the upgrades.  It is very important not do too many at one time.  One problem that can occur when you upgrade more than one item at a time is that it makes it difficult to determine which modifications were beneficial and which ones weren't.  Sometimes you can figure it out, but to be on the safe side, do one upgrade at a time if at all possible.  That will make it easier to understand what that new and improved item is doing for you (good or bad).  Basic upgrades that will not modify the performance can be done at any time such as some of the structural upgrade parts you can get from Hammad Ghuman, for instance. 

If you are fortunate enough to see this article before you purchase your RC10GT, then here are some items that you might want to purchase and install when you are building your kit.  One of the first breakages that I had was the brake hex hub.   The one provided in the kit are plastic.  Guess how long it will last with the power the .12 provides?  Hammad Ghuman (HG) makes an alloy brake hex hub that will far outlast the cheesy plastic one that comes in the kit.

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