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Send us your tech tips and if we use them we'll give you the credit in our Tech Tips forum! 

What We're Looking For:
Any useful tips for repairs and/or modifications that relate to racing or building nitro-powered R/C cars, trucks or buggies.  We're not looking for mods that cost a great deal of money, instead we are looking for ingenious tricks that are simple enough for the average person to be able to perform and not cost a great deal of money.   These tips can be anything from unique ways of protecting CVD's to pit fixes for a broken bulk-head.

The Rules:
There's only one:  Tips must not be plagarized from any book, magazine, other website, etc.  Please send only original ideas!   Obvious ripoffs will be disqualified.

What you Win:
Our thanks, for one.  :)
Full credit for your idea (if chosen) in our Tech Tips forum.
Knowing you have made a contribution that will help many others that are into, or thinking of getting into this hobby.
And, no, there isn't any money, trophies, or any other junk, sorry.  :)

What and Where to Send Your Submission:
Submittal via email:
Send a picture (if wanted) of your rough sketch in either GIF or JPG format (please, not over 100K) and a text message of your tech tips to

- or -

Submittal via postal mail (snail mail)
Send your rough sketch and letter to:
c/o Matthew Parrish
8246 N Foss Avenue
Portland  OR  97203

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